Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness workshop

The more I am presented with questions on how to promote focus, memory and positive thinking skills, the more I become aware of the need for a Mindfulness workshop.

Do you ever notice how often your mind wanders throughout your day? Are there times where you have difficulty focusing, staying on task? Do you find that you forget simple things like, where you placed your car keys, cell phone, glasses, etc..? While driving, do you notice you have arrived at your destination and completely unaware of the journey or drive? If you answered yes to anyone of these questions you may benefit from the use of Mindfulness skills.

Mindfulness a mental state, focusing on one’s awareness of the moment; while in the moment, becoming calmly aware of one’s thoughts and physical sensations. The routine use of mindfulness can promote, focus, positive thinking, and memory.

On Tuesday, the 18th @ 4 pm I am leading a mindfulness workshop. Allow me to walk you through a simple meditation to help quiet the mind and then we will incorporate the use of our 5 senses to fully enjoy the experience of being present. This will be fun, informative and a great way to begin developing healthy Mindfulness skills. Please bring along with you a journal and pen/pencil to note your experience.

Reserve your spot with Sonia Gomes, LICSW for $30 by calling East Coast Mental Wellness, 401-227-0372

Location: 1 Richmond Square, suite 333W

Time: 4pm-5:15pm

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