Sonia Gomes, LICSW


Sonia’s approach is a holistic one, use of mind, body and spirit.  She has been in practice since 2012. She has years of experience with use of  cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution based therapy, mindfulness and other modalities. She has experience in working with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder. She loves working with woman who are going through the stages of life such as peri menopause, menopause,  loss, divorce,  professional life transitions and empty nest syndrome to name a few.
On her own personal journey, she has embarked upon  therapeutic modalities, including those mentioned above  and Core Energetics, which have helped transform her life. Subsequent training allows her to provide the same tools to others, promoting empowerment, release, healing and rediscovery.
Core Energetics allow for the use of movement, vocal expression, and other techniques to help release emotional blocks. Releasing these blocks can create reconnection with the core self,  allowing the individual to let go of loss, sadness, negative thinking patterns and limited beliefs.  You will begin your journey of rediscovering you.  Create a new narrative, new belief system and let go of what no longer serves you.

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