5 Self-Defense Tools You May Not Have Heard Of

18 Apr

5 Self-Defense Tools You May Not Have Heard Of


The world can seem like a scary place, especially if you have ever found yourself walking alone at night in the dark.  Fortunately there are many self-defense options out there too choose from.  Those who are most vulnerable such as women and the transgender community probable already know of the most popular self-defense tools such as hand held alarms, mace, or pepper spray.  Yet there are 5 self-defense tools that you may have never heard of.


Tigerlady is a plastic retractable claw placed over the hand.

tiger-lady  Product_shot_3_2048x

When a fist is made and the claw is gripped, sharp claws come out between the fingers.

STEP-1-small_29778a0a-b7e3-416c-88b7-6f3a8a45aaff  STEP-2-small_6f67f1b9-89d8-4666-b139-8d75ea213e97  STEP-3-small

The claws are made to collect DNA if attacked. Tigerlady will also replace your device if it is broken in the event of an attack.  Tigerlady retails for $34.99 as well as online deals for purchasing multiple devices.



The EDO Keychain Pocket Knife is disguised as a regular key but unfolds to reveal a double edged pocket knife.


This easy to carry product is not only used as a self-defense device but it can also come in handy when camping.  It can also be used for mundane tasks such as letter and box opening. This product retails for $9.90 on Amazon.com

The Streetwise Sting Ring is nothing to be messed with.  This patented easy to carry stun gun ring carries 18,000,000 volts with one squeeze.  This ring comes in pink and retails on Amazon.com for $16.34.


The Multi-function hair clip might sound strange but may come in handy as a self-defense device.

Multi-Functional-Hair-Clip_1.png          Multi-Functional-Hair-Clip_2.png

This hair clip has a serrated edge that can be used to cut through objects.  This hair clip also does not have to be worn in the hair.  It can be used as a key chain for easy access.  The device also functions as a wrench, ruler and screwdriver.  This device retails on Amazon.com for $2.19 as one and $3. 55 as a pack of 3.

If you are an avid Dr. Phil fan then you have already heard of our last product, the Aspire App.

Aspire App.jpg

This life saving App, created by Phil’s wife Robin is completely free and uses a disguised news App.  This app is used to call for help with a press of the app.  This app was voted one of the two best apps for domestic violence prevention.  The app is available in the Itunes App store and on Google Play.


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