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East Coast Mental Wellness offers a variety of Group Therapy and workshops. Some sessions are on-going while others are for a limited amount of time. Group Therapy can be beneficial for clients of all ages. Teens benefit from groups because it allows them to work on social skills, identity conflicts, bullying issues and conflict resolution. Adults find groups to be a place where they feel like they can be themselves, learn new skills and have a same place to make new connections.

Many of our groups are covered by insurance. Some have a small fee to attend.

Current Groups Offered at East Coast Mental Wellness:

Trans Boys Group – Support group for adolescent Transgender boys.

  • Ages 13-15
  • Starts Monday April 8th, 2018
  • Have questions? Please call us at 401-227-0372 or CLICK HERE to message us!

Past Groups Offered at East Coast Mental Wellness:

  • I Am That Girls – Support group for female identifying teens
  • Put Your Face On – Three-week workshop for MTF individuals. Participants learn the best ways to apply makeup
  • Trans Boys Group – Support group for adolescent Transgender boys.
  • Trans Girls Group – Support Group for adolescent Transgender girls.
  • Mindfulness/Writing Group – Weekly groups sessions that included yoga and journaling

For current or upcoming groups, please CLICK HERE to message us or sign up for our emails. We will let you know when new groups are starting.

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