New Year New You

02 Jan

New Year New You


Written by: Mary Fitzgerald,MHC

This is a whole new year.  It is a good time for a fresh start, a time to make the changes in our lives that we have wanted to change.

It is a time to live a better life.  A more fulfilling life.  Make the changes, big and small that will bring us more happiness and peace, and have a less stressful life.

Changes are not easy to stick to, especially if they are meant to change a lifestyle.  It might be easy to begin, but sticking to them can be difficult.   So, my question is, “Are you ready?”

Let’s start a new chapter in your life.  Decide what you want to change and set your goals for the first four weeks.  Make your goals attainable and realize that you will need lots of discipline, but having goals and achieving them are important and get easier as you go along with some success under your belt.  Reaching those small goals while you look to the future.

Motivation comes from inside each one of us.  Wanting something so badly that you just do it.  Just suck it up and do it.  I can encourage you but only you can make it happen.   Discipline is the road that you travel between where you start and your end goal.  It is your responsibility to keep it moving.  Will you struggle?   Yes, we all do, and we will fall along the way if we don’t you are not making progress not growing, not learning.

It comes down to one simple thing…. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT!!!!!

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