School Professional Development Trainings

Mood-Focused Yoga

This training educates teachers and staff about creative ways to take care of themselves. We discuss the importance of a healthy sleep hygiene and how this impacts their ability to work. We discuss stress-reducing activities, try some out during the session and participate in a self-hypnosis session. Each teacher will have the opportunity to receive an mp3 of a relaxation hypnosis recording. This one is definitely a fun and interactive training.


Working with staff and students of the rainbow family
Although the topic of being transgender, non-binary, queer, lesbian, gay and bisexual is more widely discussed, it can be difficult for teachers and staff to talk about this topic with each other and with students. This training gives teachers and staff the opportunity to anonymously ask questions about the topic (before the training) and get their questions answered. We discuss how teachers and staff can make the school a more excepting environment, what to do when a student comes out as LGBTQ+ and how to address parents who are having difficulty with their children who identifies as LGBTQ+. This is a heavy topic that is taught in a lighthearted way.





Creating healthy boundaries

Creating healthy boundaries is a skill that many teachers and staff struggle with especially when all they want to do is help their students. Sometimes the judgment of the teacher may become clouded, and they mistakenly cross the line out of good intentions. Sometimes, an act of kindness isn’t crossing any line, but it can appear so from the outside. Some teachers and staff may not be able to see how one decision can cause a shift in the relationship with their students. Our training teaches participants how to appropriately respond to difficult situations, what the term “appearance of impropriety” means and how that term can affect them. We can also go over child abuse reporting laws if this isn’t a topic that has been discussed with your team on a regular basis. When teachers know how to create healthy boundaries, they are then able to teach their students how to create them for themselves. This can be one of the most important lessons a student can learn.

School Professional Development Training with Melissa DeSilva

Your Trainer, Melissa DaSilva, LICSW

Melisa has spent years working in public schools as a social worker and health teacher.  She understands the social and emotional needs of teachers and students.  Her experience as a therapist, hypnotist and podcast host, gives her the  ability to offer enriching and fun trainings that create a meaningful  impact on participants.

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