School Based Therapy Services

Mental health services for students

East Coast Mental Wellness offers out-patient services to schools that have students in need of mental health services. This service is free to schools. All that schools are required to provide is a confidential space for therapy sessions to occur. Providing mental health services at school takes away several barriers that may prevent students from getting therapeutic services.
No need for transportation: Since the therapists come to the school, parents don’t need to worry transporting their child to and from appointments.
Parents don’t need to plan around their schedule: Parents won’t have to worry about fitting therapy into their weekly schedules since therapy happens at school.
Increased collaboration: Since therapists are at the school, this make collaboration with the school and parents much more effective. Therapist also work with parents on a monthly basis.
Decrease of workload for school social workers and counselors: It can be very difficult for school social workers and guidance counselors to provide mental health services on a consistent basis. Having out-patient therapist working at the school provides constancy with treatment. This frees school staff to address other issues that need attention.

FAQ about School Based Services

Who pays the therapist? East Coast Mental Wellness bills therapy session to the student’s insurance company.

What if I have a student that needs services but doesn’t have Insurance?  This can be addressed on a case by case situation.  We may have some openings with an intern or offer a sliding scale fee.

Will the student be missing class time to meet with the therapist?  Our therapists try to schedule appointments at times of the day that work best for the student and the school.  This may be during lunch time, advisory, gym or at the end of the school day.  If a student is missing a class for their appointment, we make sure to remind them that they are still responsible for the work they may be missing.

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