Adriana Cornell, M.S.

Adriana Cornell, M.S.Ed., M.Phil.Ed.
Accepting clients: Yes
Office Location: Providence
Adriana meets each client with an open mind and open ears. She believes that challenges arise when people feel they’ve lost a sense of security or control – in their work, home, relationships, or within themselves. Working from a strengths-based approach, Adriana seeks to identify the best in her clients, and aims to give them the tools to allow these qualities to thrive and therefore improve the people, systems, and environment that surround them. Adriana feels that healing and coping can’t be accomplished alone. It is a privilege for her to be the supportive teammate who accompanies clients on their journey towards a more gratifying, happy, and fulfilled life.
Adriana specializes in family and adolescent counseling and has spent the majority of her career counseling students and their parents in and out of school environments. She is dedicated to helping youth and parents find healthier, more effective paths of communication in order to build trust. Adriana is also interested in family systems and couples counseling. She earned two Master’s degrees in Professional Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania, and now lives outside of Providence, RI with her husband and son. She enjoys cooking, cycling, playing tennis, and painting.

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