Andrea Coelho, MSW, LCSW

Andrea Mellonakos MSW, LCSW

I believe that true wellness can be achieved when we find a healthy balance in the many areas of our lives. If you are someone who wants a change but doesn’t quite know what that looks like yet, I would love to help you. I am skilled at meeting people where they are, without judgment, and when they’re ready, helping them move forward. The way I approach therapy depends on the Client and their needs and desires. If it will be most helpful to set specific and firm goals, we will do that. If it will be most helpful to process past emotional trauma, we will do that. I let my Client lead the relationship and provide guidance and support as they allow themselves to transform and grow. It is an empowering feeling to be aware and in control of your own path of changing.

I have a lot of experience working with young adults who are in a life transition, seeking one, or overwhelmed by their current reality – whether that be family dynamics, work stress, or a relationship concern. I work with adults and couples who are struggling with anxiety, depression, substance use, and/or are questioning their identity. I also provide therapy to K-12 students, in their school or a community setting. Partnering with parents and teachers is a big part of that work and its success. When working with students, I love to use creative modalities such as journaling, art projects, role plays, yoga/breathe work, and other activities.

If we work together, I will help you pinpoint the false stories you’re telling yourself about who you are. Those stories can inhibit you from being who you want to be. The good news? You are in control of your thoughts and we can work together to re-write them if need be. We will use your strengths and create a plan together. My goal is to support you in living a healthy and inspired life.

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