Anna Macgregor Robin, LCSW

Anna Macgregor Robin, LCSW

My goal is to help clients access their best selves and their hidden stash of inner strength.

I treat depression and anxiety related to life transitions such as divorce and loss; postpartum/infertility; LGBTQ & gender identity issues; & college-related stress. Together, we examine the many ways self-criticism, anxiety, and stress block access to self-knowledge. Clients learn to respond, not react– and how to leverage thoughtful action to change troubling behavioral patterns and defeatist thinking. Humor is encouraged.

CBT and dynamic exchanges form the backbone of my work. Evidence-based expressive therapies add richness. My training and certifications include therapeutic writing (Pennebaker, et alia); mindfulness (Britton Lab, Kabat-Zinn methods); yoga (integrated practice); literary experience (Kidd & Castano); creative inventory; and time management assessment.  I studied English at Harvard, am a member of the Writers Guild of America, and received my MSW from Boston University.

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