Drew Goins, LMHC

I received my Masters in Forensic Psychology at Roger Williams University and have been practicing for 5 years.  I obtained my License in Mental Health Counseling and take a great deal of joy in what I do.  I typically work with adults, couples, families, adolescents, and those of the LGBT community; those who struggle with depression, anxiety, grief, life changes, trauma, and communication issues.  I mostly utilize Rational-Emotive CBT; stressors of life can cause us to become overwhelmed and irrational (blowing things out of proportion).  I enjoy having my clients look introspectively at their stressors in order to help them feel empowered to overcome these stressors.  I focus mostly on strength-based practices, guiding my clients and helping them build on the strengths that they have possibly lost sight of.
I am a huge Disney nerd and like to bring Disney into all aspects of my life, including therapy.  I also believe in using artistic methods to help people deal with difficult aspects of their lives.  Things like music, writing, and utilizing things such as favorite movies or TV shows helps my clients take an outward look at their internal struggles.
I enjoy working with clients from all different races, religions, backgrounds, sexual identities/orientations, etc…  My goal is to promote open-mindedness and acceptance.

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