Nancy Scorpio, LICSW

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients? Yes

I have been working with children and families, teenagers and adults for close to 30 years. You could say I found a niche and have stayed on course in all these years. I connect personally and professionally to the fact that as individuals we are transitioning all the time. In our goals and struggles of life, in both personal and work relationships, and as parents and teenagers.

I earned a Master’s degree in Social Work from Rhode Island College and worked in hospital and school settings throughout my career. I have participated in numerous continuing education opportunities, including a certification in sleep science. Sleep, or the lack thereof has become a key focus in my practice as it drives our entire well-being and ability to cope and function on a daily basis.

In therapy I utilize both a traditional CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) model, as well as a family systems approach. I believe our family of origin impacts the way we see ourselves, interact with others and make decisions for ourselves. Additionally, I use a strength-based approach with people, who often are unable to see for themselves the strengths they possess and the ability to move forward.

Most importantly, I enjoy the opportunity to work with people of all different religions, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations, embracing the likenesses and differences that make us all human.

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