Couples Work

Welcome to the East Coast Mental Wellness Couples Work program. We are excited to introduce our transformative 6-month program, specifically designed for couples who are facing challenges and seeking to deepen their bond. Join us to strengthen your connection and build a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

What makes this program different from couples therapy?

Our program stands out due to its strengths-based, time-limited approach. It begins with an intensive deep-dive session to uncover the underlying causes of distress in the relationship. Subsequent sessions guide couples through a range of topics and activities designed to facilitate open communication and address the root issues. Between sessions, couples are given homework to reinforce the new skills they are learning. Our therapists are carefully selected for their expertise and dedication to helping couples succeed, ensuring that each couple receives the highest quality of support throughout the program.

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What to expect

Before the first Session: Both individuals will be sent an intensive questionnaire to be completed before the first session. This assessment will be sent to the therapist at least two days before the first session. 

First Session: 75-minute deep dive into the history of the relationship and goals that both parties are interested in achieving. Discuss if you and your therapist feel that it’s a good fit to continue with 6-month follow-up sessions.

Follow-up Sessions: 1 hours sessions for 6 months. Meet with your therapist on a bi-weekly basis and work on specific goals and increase communication skills.

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Who is this for?

  • Monogamous and consensually-nonmonogamous couples
  • Couples that are ready to invest in their relationship: this program is not covered by insurance. 
  • Couples ready to work on skills during and between sessions
  •  Couples that may find it difficult to express their feelings, listen to each other, or resolve conflicts effectively.
  •  Couples that may be caught in a cycle of arguments and misunderstandings that they can’t seem to break.
  •  Couples that are navigating significant changes such as marriage, the birth of a child, job changes, or relocation, which are impacting their relationship.
  •  Couples that may be dealing with infidelity, secrecy, or past betrayals that have damaged their trust in one another.
  •  Couples that may feel emotionally distant, struggle with intimacy, or notice a decline in their overall relationship satisfaction.
  • Couples that want to Enhance Their Relationship
  • Couples that are proactive and wish to address potential issues before they become significant problems.
  • Couples that are dealing with particular challenges such as parenting differences, financial stress, or coping with illness.

Our Couples Work Therapist

Yoliann Couples Therapist
Couples Therapist

Yoliann Santiago (she/her) is a bilingual Spanish-English Clinical Social Worker Licensed in Rhode Island and in Puerto Rico. She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Ana G. Méndez University. Her experiences include: working with children, young adults, women, domestic violence survivors, veterans and clinical settings, as well as support groups. She has a passion to provide clients with a space that is safe, supportive and non-judgmental where they can discuss, explore, learn and assess their needs, emotions, challenges, experiences, and goals. Yoliann wants to assist and create individualized treatment strategies that help her clients in their healing journey to find their strengths and empower them. She helps her clients with a variety of life challenges including: stress, symptoms of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and adjustments to life changes by utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness based stress reduction, solution focused approaches and psychoeducation.


Hello and thank you for considering me for your counseling journey. I base my practice in choice theory, helping people remember that they have choices and options in their life. By taking care of ourselves first, we can be available for anything that comes our way. Life can be challenging, and with a little shift, we can turn challenges into opportunities.

I received my masters degree in Holistic Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Salve Regina University where I also earned a CAGS in Expressive and Creative Arts. I am pre-licensed and working towards licensure. As a lifelong musician, performer and music teacher, I have found great catharsis through expression and welcome the privilege of guiding others through processes that illuminate blocks in their life.
I have also worked as a rebirthing breathworker for almost ten years. Breathwork allows us to work with unseen trauma hidden in our body and learn to embrace the trauma as part of who we are. I believe each of has everything we need inside of us to be whole and I am here to help you love yourself once again, embrace your innocence, and live the life you want. So often we are told we need to be fixed, that we are broken. The reality is, we are who we are, and we don’t need to be fixed. We need to be loved, by ourselves and those around us. We can then love more freely and completely.
I specialize in working with people who are ready to do the work to live the life they want. There may be pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, depression or grief that is burdening you. I can help you meet these qualities safely, with curiosity, and eventually with love. I welcome all ages, genders, ethnicities, and abilities. While I am not an expert in all fields, I am experienced in life. I teach music to children aged 5 to adults in their 80’s and I can flow between them and their caregivers, strengthening the work being done by creating open lines of communication. Establishing core connection allows us to widen our support and continue creating the world in which we want to live. Thank you for your consideration. I hope to meet you soon.

Cost of Investing in Your Relationship

First Deep Dive Session 75 minutes $275

Biweekly Followup Sessions 60 minutes $250

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If you feel that you and your partner could benifit from attending our Couples Work program, click the button below. 

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Providence Location

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(with free parking)

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Immediate Help

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, a free 24-hour hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. You will be routed to the nearest city crisis center.