Transgender Resource Directory

Transgender Resource Directory

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East Coast Mental Wellness recognizes that it can be difficult to find providers and businesses who are Transgender friendly.  In an attempt to assist in this East Coast Mental Wellness has created The Transgender Resource Directory. This  is a comprehensive list of Trans friendly businesses and providers in the community. These services include:

  • Health Care Providers
  • Surgeons
  • Holistic Providers
  • Dental Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Community Resources
  • Religious and Spiritual Organizations
  • Social and Youth Organizations
  • Substance Use Resources and Support Groups
  • And more…

This directory is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.  If you know of a business or provider you feel should be on the list, please contact

When requesting the document, you will be asked to give your email address so that the directory can be sent to you.  East Coast Mental Wellness may use your email to inform you of other resources that may be of interest to you.  East Coast Mental does not share your email with others.

Disclaimer: East Coast Mental Wellness has contacted these services for their consent to be on the directory.  East Coast Mental Wellness is not responsible for the experience or outcome of the services provided by these business and provider.

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