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In 2015, owner Melissa DaSilva, LICSW created East Coast Mental Wellness’s with the mission to provide an agency with an affirming environment and welcoming therapeutic services for the LGBTQ+ population. This was as a result of not being able to find a mental health provider for one of her students that was starting the process of transitioning.  If she couldn’t find a provider for this one student, there must be many other individuals in the community who needed these services as well.  Melissa started her mental health agency that specializes in working with members of the LGBTQ+ community.

As time went on, word started getting out about the great work East Coast Mental Wellness was providing to the community.  To meet the high demand more clinicians who specialized in working with this population or those who were a part of the community themselves were hired.

We understand the particular needs of the community, so we try to keep these in mind with each expansion or the introduction of a new program that we add to our agency.  We train our clinicians and administration on the importance of proper use of pronouns and preferred names.  We are sure to keep confidentiality around all aspects of personal information especially with respect to insurance, which can be especially important when dealing with plans that concern government and military positions.

East Coast Mental is also the creator of the Transgender Resource Directory.  This project was created to help individuals find other service providers that are Trans* Friendly.  You can get your copy at The Transgender Resource Directory

East Coast Mental Wellness is a proud supporter of other LGBTQ+ services in the community including:

  • Aids Care Ocean State: East Coast Mental Wellness is a free testing site for Aids, HIV and Hepatitis
  • Options Magazine
  • Drag Bingo
  • Pride RI

East Coast Mental Wellness provides Non-judgmental mental health services and weekly groups. Check the group webpage to see what groups are currently running. Some of the previous groups that have been held include:

  • Transgender group for adolescents.
  • Put Your Face On: Make up tips for Transgender individuals.
  • Support Group for Partners of Transgender individuals.

We provide other groups that are not LGBTQ+ specific, but are inclusive.  If you are interested in any of these groups or services, please contact Intake at 401-227-0372

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