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We’re actively building a team of mental wellness professionals that care to see you get therapy with results. Our approach here at East Coast Mental Wellness differs in that we let you choose your therapist, giving you the say in who you want to work with. In your initial 15-minute consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet one of our therapists and decide if they are a good fit for you to move forward with. If not, our team will work to reconnect you with a different therapist until you feel comfortable to schedule a consultation and get your therapy journey started. Meet our therapists in Providence, RI, and Ashaway, RI, below!

therapists in providence ri


Location: Providence

Accepting New Clients: No

Owner of East Coast Mental Wellness, therapist, coach, author, and podcast host. She specializes in working with LGBTQ+ individuals and school systems.

therapists in providence ri


Location: Ashaway and Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

Tracy Young is a licensed clinical social worker with 27 years of experience in the mental health field, including school social work. Tracy’s work with clients is rooted in the belief that the therapeutic relationship is the basis for change. Trust, honesty, humor, compassion, and mutual respect are all integral to her work with clients. Tracy’s forte is working with children, adolescents, and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, loss, trauma, domestic violence, and life transitions. Tracy is also certified as a Pet Assisted Therapist and often works alongside her 1 ½-year-old Shih Tzu, Finbarr. Tracy has a passion for horses and soon hopes to include Equine therapy as a part of her therapeutic practice.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

I work with adolescents, young adults, and adults to help them address problems that are interfering with their lives and to reconnect them with their values, hopes, and dreams. I have particular expertise in substance abuse, addictions, depression, anxiety, life transitions, and
relationship challenges.

I primarily use Narrative Therapy to help clients separate from the problems dominating their lives and to support them in moving towards what they care most about in life. I believe that the best therapy is a collaborative process where the therapist and the client share in the investigation of the client’s concerns and the potential solutions. I ask exploratory questions that lead clients toward insights and discoveries. Together we develop simple, achievable action plans. I integrate other approaches when appropriate including Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psycho-education, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills, and Mindfulness. I received my Master’s in Social Work from Boston University. In addition to seeing clients at East Coast Mental Wellness, I work as a therapist at Butler Hospital. I completed clinical
internships at Rhode Island Hospital and in the counseling center at Providence College.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

I have been working with children and families, teenagers, and adults for close to 30 years. You could say I found a niche and have stayed on course in all these years. I connect personally and professionally to the fact that as individuals we are transitioning all the time. In our goals and struggles of life, in both personal and work relationships, and as parents and teenagers.

I earned a Master’s degree in Social Work from Rhode Island College and worked in hospital and school settings throughout my career. I have participated in numerous continuing education opportunities, including a certification in sleep science. Sleep, or the lack thereof, has become a key focus in my practice as it drives our entire well-being and ability to cope and function on a daily basis.

In therapy, I utilize both a traditional CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) model, as well as a family systems approach. I believe our family of origin impacts the way we see ourselves, interact with others and make decisions for ourselves. Additionally, I use a strength-based approach with people, who often are unable to see for themselves the strengths they possess and the ability to move forward.

Most importantly, I enjoy the opportunity to work with people of all different religions, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations, embracing the likenesses and differences that make us all human.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, new to East Coast Mental Wellness. I received my Masters in Holistic Counseling from Salve Regina University. I have 9 years of providing counseling to individuals, families, and couples. I provide Strength-Based Therapy, being present and meeting you wherever you are in the moment. I possess strong Cognitive Behavior Therapy skills in areas of anxiety, depression, trauma, and other life-changing events. Through my years of service. At East Coast Mental Wellness we deliver therapy with results that are long-lasting and withstanding.

“Success Comes From Within.” I believe in treating the whole person, using Holistic approaches that address the mind, body, and spirit. My primary goal is to assist you with becoming mindful, and focusing awareness to provide growth that will be sustained throughout your life.

My commitment to you is to provide a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship. My range of expertise includes LGBTQ populations, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, and Behavior Modification.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

Mary uses reality therapy, which focuses on the current moment to create a better future. She has been in practice for 17 years. She began her journey of counseling in 1993 with a certificate in Thanatology, (grief, death, and dying) working at a funeral home as the family service coordinator, and then went on for a BS in counseling and then for an MHC, masters level. She believes that a person can accomplish anything that they truly want to with help and confidence.

She loves helping people find joy in life no matter where they are starting from. The life coach aspect of counseling allows people to move forward fulfilling their dreams, which is very rewarding. Mary has experience in marriage counseling and addiction.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: Yes

Regina LaPietra graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johnson & Wales University. She specializes in working with children and adolescents through life changes to help them learn to take charge of their future. Regina believes in the importance of the relationship between the client and the therapist which is formed through trust and open communication. Regina works to create a safe space for the client to explore their emotions and form a better mindset. Regina often uses humor and games throughout sessions to create a more comfortable environment for the client.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

I am dedicated to helping people rediscover joy in life and peace within themselves. I believe self-esteem, trust, and security can be rebuilt despite challenges or trauma, past or present. Using a strengths-based approach, I seek to identify the best in my clients and give them the tools to let these qualities thrive. These tools, from my view, draw significantly from positive relationships, nature and the outdoors, and exposure to books and art. I feel that healing and coping is best accomplished with a supportive ally, and it is my privilege to accompany clients on their journey.

I specialize in creative therapy and strengths-based therapy to address depression, abuse & trauma, anxiety, and marriage & family concerns. I earned two Master’s degrees in Professional Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania, and now live outside of Providence, RI with my husband and son. I enjoy cooking, cycling, and painting.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

Approach to Therapy

I love being a therapist. I consider it a great privilege and honor to be invited into people’s lives in times of struggle and vulnerability. When I work with clients my hope is that they will leave our sessions feeling respected, understood, validated, accepted, and with less distress and more hope. I use an integrated client-centered approach. I weave together Narrative Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Motivational Interviewing, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, psychoeducation, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I am an artist and I use my creative training to tailor the therapy experience to each client’s unique needs, fluidly shifting focus between emotions, thoughts, and actions or behaviors. I see all feelings as purposeful, providing information about needs. I consider most problems to be attempts at solutions that are not yielding the intended results. I work from a strengths-based perspective looking to amplify and build on what clients are already doing that works and to uncover yet-to-be-accessed abilities and solutions. It is easy to become trapped in a story about ourselves and our lives that keeps us bound to our problems and our problem identity. I collaborate with clients to explore and develop narratives that can serve to move them towards the lives they desire.

I believe connection and belonging are fundamental, physiologically-based human needs. I like to help individuals, couples, and families build more connected lives. I work with young adults and adults. Clients in individual therapy are always invited to bring important people such as partners, parents, children, friends, roommates, or housemates into sessions either for support or to use the session to work on relationship repair.

I work with clients of all races, ethnicities, religions, socio-economic statuses, sexual orientations, gender identities, body sizes, and abilities. I work from a weight-neutral HAES® informed perspective. I take a stand against prejudice and the oppression of members of marginalized groups.

Education and Work Experience

I received a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Massachusetts-Boston. I also completed graduate coursework in Couples and Family Therapy and in Applied Behavior Analysis, as well as undergraduate coursework in child development. My clinical internship was at the eating disorder treatment center, Walden Behavioral Care, where I worked with adults and adolescents and their families. Clients struggled with eating disorders including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder. Prior to that, I worked at Bradley Hospital with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. I am also trained as an Embodyoga® yoga teacher and can integrate guided relaxation, body awareness, and meditation into sessions to reduce stress, increase the ability to self-soothe, and strengthen the inner witness to help clients be less carried away by negative thoughts and mood states.

I have completed advanced trainings and workshops in Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Eating Disorders (An Evolutionary Approach) with Dr. Shan Guisinger, and The Neurosychotherapist Institute’s Core Principles of Neuroscience. I completed Embodyoga® 200 and 300 Hour Teacher Training programs at Yoga Center Amherst where I also taught yoga and was an assistant teacher trainer.

Issues and Concerns I work with:

  • Existential – Wrestling with issues about mortality, freedom, responsibility, injustice, or searches for meaning
  • Habit Change – Figuring out how to make small changes that lead to big improvements in quality of life
  • Transitions – Beginning college, a new career, parenthood, marriage, divorce, loss, children leaving home, retirement
  • Relationship Issues – Chronic conflict, living separate lives, loss of passion, persistent disagreements about money, in-laws, sex, work, parenting, exploring whether to stay together or separate, when divorcing how to have the best divorce possible
  • Grief & Loss – Loss of loved ones, relationships, pets, roles, identities, abilities
  • Complex Decisions – Examining the various ways a situation might unfold, the possible risks and rewards, forecasting what is most likely and what outcome you would be most comfortable with
  • Ambivalence About Change – Exploring options when you want to change and you don’t want to change, or when someone else wants you to change and you don’t want to change
  • Academic Issues – Study habits, procrastination, adjusting to the demands of college
  • Disordered Eating – chronic dieting, chronic body dissatisfaction, compulsive exercise, weight suppression, building resilience to weight stigma and prejudice directed towards larger-bodied people, unlearning internalized fatphobia, non-dieting and anti-diet approaches to wellness, recovering from negative impacts of diet culture
  • Eating Disorders – Addressed through a framework that synthesizes biological, social/cultural, and psychological factors: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, orthorexia
  • Effects of Injustice & Oppression – Working with how we are influenced by larger systems, depersonalizing internalized cultural stigma, contextualizing problems within the larger web of family, society, and culture
  • Shame & Self-criticism – Developing a more fair, kind, and supportive inner dialogue
  • Artists & Creative Professional Concerns – Resolving creative blocks, balancing your art with other needs, strategizing how to “make it work” financially, designing combinations of day jobs & creative work if needed
  • LBGTQ Concerns – Positive identity development, lack of acceptance of sexual orientation or gender identity from family and loved ones, building resilience to heterosexism, homophobia, and transphobia
  • Anxiety – Excessive worrying about events, activities, or situations that feels out of proportion and interferes with your everyday life, always picturing the worst occurring, muscle tension, feeling restless, on edge, or keyed up, feeling irritable, having difficulty concentrating or finding your mind going blank, fatiguing easily, restlessness, difficulty getting a good night of sleep
  • Depression – Experiencing a persistent low mood where you feel sad, empty or hopeless, loss of pleasure in things you used to enjoy, sleeping too much or too little, intense guilt or feelings of worthlessness, difficulty with fatigue and concentration, thoughts of death

To Clients with Eating Disorders

In my work with clients with eating disorders, I emphasize developing your support system and endeavor to help clients tolerate the distress that can be a part of the recovery process. My preference is always to work as part of your team of providers. I can also help you build your team. I believe eating disorders are biopsychosocial conditions with physiological underpinnings in human adaptations to survive famine. Having an eating disorder can be frightening, isolating, and produce tremendous shame. For some, it can be bewildering and frustrating to have your loved ones express concerns you don’t share. Struggle with an eating disorder can leave people demoralized, confused, and afraid. I take a non-blaming non-shaming stance toward clients and families. I meet clients where they are and help them to make sense of the experience, to access support, to grieve what they have lost to the illness, and to chart a course back to wellness. Meal support and meal coaching can be incorporated into sessions.

I respect size diversity and support clients to nurture their health independent of weight or size, operating from a weight-neutral HAES® informed perspective. I help clients move toward listening to body cues to nourish their bodies with enjoyable foods and pleasurable movement when appropriate. For clients who are at a bodyweight lower than where their body would be most comfortable and safe, I support them in the renourishment process alongside their medical providers and dietician. I also work with clients to explore fears and obstacles to the recovery process.


  • Office Hours: Daytime, afternoon, and evening hours available.
  • Location: East Coast Mental Wellness’ offices are handicapped accessible and located on the Eastside of Providence. We are on the third floor of the historic 1 Richmond Square building with beautiful views of the Seekonk River, Witherby Park, and the wooded Waterman Street Dog Park. Our offices are within walking distance of Brown and RISD.
  • Insurance & Fees: Fifty-minute sessions $120. Sliding scale available. Some insurances are taken. Receipts for out-of-network reimbursement through your insurance company provided upon request.
  • Contact: Please email at lily@eastcoastmentalwellness.com to schedule a brief telephone consultation to discuss your needs, ask further questions, and see if we would be a good fit.
therapists in providence ri
Tony Costagliola, LICSW He/Him/His

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

My treatment approach is a reflection of what I’d seek out in a therapist; someone whose methods are provocative and challenging, yet non-judgmental and practical. My therapeutic process promotes insightful thinking, problem-solving, and meaningful behavior change.

Therapy sessions focus on enhancing perceptive, self-regulation, and resiliency skills. My clinical approach involves the use of CBT, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and the wealth of wisdom I’ve accrued from clients themselves.

I specialize in work with adult and young adult struggles through anxiety, depression, family conflict, self-esteem issues, trauma, acceptance, and life-changing events.

In addition to seeing clients at ECMW, I work as a therapist at AIDS Care Ocean State with a focus on LGBTQ issues and chronic illness management. I completed my undergraduate work at Brown University and received a Master’s in Social Work from Rhode Island College.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

Katherine earned her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lesly University in Cambridge Massachusetts. She believes meeting a client where they are currently at is necessary to get them where they want to be. She focuses on treating the individual as a whole and utilizing a holistic approach when working with them. Katherine specializes in CBT, talk therapy, and creating a safe space environment that allows clients to explore different avenues of reflection. These reflections will be based upon their feelings, thoughts and any traumas faced that will allow the individual to grow into an evolved version of themselves. Katherine is bilingual and fluent in both English and Spanish and has worked with teenagers, young adults, and the LGBTQ community.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

Caitlin is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, who works with children and adults of all ages, and specializes in working with people facing life changes, crises, and trauma. Her non-judgmental and empathic approach is firmly rooted in the stages of change and the belief that clients, not therapists, lead the work in therapy.

Every single one of us has inherent worth and is deserving of a life rich with love and peace. Caitlin works with her clients to help them grow that garden of peace and love within themselves, so that no matter where they go, it’s there for them to take refuge in. To do this, she uses various trauma-informed and mindful techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment-Based Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Theory, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Caitlin graduated from Boston University and has over 5 years of experience in a variety of settings, primarily with adolescents in crisis and persons experiencing homelessness. In addition to providing therapy through East Coast Mental Wellness, she runs a social justice non-for-profit and conducts children’s psychiatric evaluations in a local emergency room.

As someone who has personally struggled with anxiety all her life, Caitlin works with clients struggling with that wretched “monkey mind.” Due to her experience supporting clients in group homes, homeless shelters, hospitals, and schools, she also specializes in helping clients struggling with suicidal ideation, self-injurious behaviors, domestic violence, aggression, sexual abuse, and substance use disorders.

She believes that in the most difficult and painful of situations, we can sometimes find strength and insight about who we are. She looks forward to being a companion as you navigate your unique path of life.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

I believe each person is unique. My style is interactive and nonjudgmental. I am very comfortable with prescribing medications. While I do offer appointments for medication only I prefer prescribing medications and counseling at the same time. I feel this offers more continuity of care for the client. I have also studied herbal medicines and feel very comfortable discussing alternative therapies. I have a personal interest in yoga and have become a certified yoga instructor. Another interest of mine has been meditation. I like to integrate these techniques into my work when it seems appropriate.

I have been prescribing medications since 1990 in a variety of settings. While I believe medications should be used when necessary I like to balance this by offering other alternatives if they seem appropriate. This may include CBT, herbal suggestions, meditation techniques, or various yoga breathwork. Each person is unique with different needs.
Having just one approach to treating and working with clients does not take into account the unique needs of each person. Everyone has their own story. Their individual strengths and weaknesses, success and failures. I see my role as helping the client understand accept this and even take joy in themselves.


Taylor is currently working towards her master’s degree at Salve Regina University for Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Rhode Island in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology. She has several years of experience in working with children and their families as a preschool teacher and substitute teacher. Taylor enjoys working with children and their caregivers to incorporate skills learned through therapy in their everyday lives in order to meet their goals. She believes creating a safe environment and building trust in the therapeutic relationship is key. Her goal is to form a positive relationship through good communication and a nonjudgmental environment where clients feel comfortable expressing their feelings and thoughts.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: Yes

My purpose is to give you the most individualized treatment by meeting you where you are at now, while assisting you to make changes that matter most to you. I believe therapy is a place for you to gain a better understanding of yourself, learn practical skills for daily living, better utilize strengths you already possess and challenge negative ways of thinking that are keeping you stuck in old cycles.

An important aspect of therapy is having a strong therapeutic relationship with your therapist. I promise to be transparent throughout each part of the process, and utilize my curiosity to learn from your unique experiences while being supportive of your individual needs and desires.

My experience includes working with families, individuals and couples through a variety of different challenges such as behavioral issues, substance use, domestic violence and effects of trauma. I utilize an integrative therapeutic approach pulling strategies mainly from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and Motivational Interviewing.

It takes courage to reach out and ask for help. Let me assist you through the rest of this process of achieving the goals you have for yourself to have a healthier and more satisfying life. I look forward to meeting you!

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: Yes

Larissa graduated with a Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Johnson & Wales University. She specializes in working with children, adolescents, and families to overcome their life challenges and reach their goals. She believes that the relationship between client and clinician built on trust, communication, and nonjudgement, is an imperative part of the therapeutic process. She works hard to create a safe and comfortable environment for all her clients to express themselves. It is her goal to help her clients achieve a more positive lifestyle while working to better themselves through the process.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

My use of reality-based therapy helps clients find better ways to fulfill their needs with the goal of self-evaluation and confident decision making. I am a Masters level therapist and recent graduate of Southwestern College where I specialized in Art Therapy. While Art Therapy can be utilized in many different ways, it is never my goal to interpret your art for you. Art is a healing practice and only the creator can truly understand the creation.

I primarily work with individuals, specializing in adolescents and those in the LGBT community.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Ashaway Office

Accepting New Clients: No

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of RI and obtained my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus in Depth Psychology. I am also certified in Positive Psychology and have developed a strong interest in holistic modalities to include, the mind/body connection, energy psychology, mindfulness, gratitude practices, yoga, and meditation. I work from a client-centered approach and believe each person has the biologically driven ability to heal and recover from past traumatic events, adverse conditioning, and maladaptive emotional patterning that gets lodged in the body and subconscious mind. I offer a supportive and safe environment to help clients begin where they are and identify imbalances or misalignments, that may be causing stress, dis-ease, and problematic or painful symptoms. From this holistic standpoint, it’s about bringing the whole person into treatment, rather than just eliminating symptoms.

I have a diverse working background and my experience working in the field of mental health spans various settings from hospitals, residential treatment centers, clinics, and in-home therapy models. I have worked extensively with trauma, at-risk youth, and their families, as well as co-occurring issues and addiction recovery.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

Elese uses an eclectic approach to therapy that combines the compassion, knowledge, and skills necessary for her clients to achieve mental health. Her theatre background has provided her with a perspective that allows her to “walk in someone else’s shoes” and she describes herself as her clients “biggest fan” and supporter. She recognizes the client as the expert in their own life and teams up with them to find the best solution to their problems. Elese specializes in working with adolescents and adults experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress management, life transitions, trauma, grief, and loss, as well as self-esteem and relationship issues. She utilizes elements of various evidence-based treatments and approaches including CBT, Motivational Enhancement, Strength-Based, Feminist Theory, LGBTQ Affirmative Counseling, and Person-Centered Theory.

Elese received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and BA in Theatre Performance, from Rhode Island College. She has worked in in-home therapy services and provided outpatient counseling in private practice. She enjoys working with many different individuals and is pursuing further training to work with couples and our LGBTQ+ community.

therapists in providence ri

Location: Ashaway and Providence Office

Accepting New Clients: No

I am here to help you and your family work together to build a stronger and more functional family system. Does your child have a hard time following the rules? Is your child reacting negatively to a change in the family? Are you anticipating any big family changes? Do you have an LGBTQ+ child needing guidance in self-exploration and navigation of the coming out process? Do you have siblings who struggle to get along? Is your family welcoming a new family member or dealing with the loss of one? Are you looking to learn new parenting skills? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I may be able to help.

I specialize in working with children and families in all stages of life. I have several years of experience as a preschool teacher and have been working with children and families for over 10 years. I feel it is important to involve caregivers and schools in work with young children and teach them how to reinforce the skills learned in therapy.

If you feel like I may be a good fit for your family’s needs, please reach out to schedule an appointment. I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones!

therapists in providence ri

Catt attended University of Rhode Island where she received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a second bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies. Catt continued her studies at Salve Regina University where she earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling.

Catt specializes in working with children, adolescents, and young adult clients who are working through depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues and other life changes. Catt uses different therapeutic approaches for each unique individual, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness, and more! Catt chooses to use a holistic approach, seeing an individual as a whole. Catt believes in building trust with her clients through open communication and a sense of humor and works to create a safe and comfortable place to be able to talk.


Hello and thank you for considering me for your counseling journey. I base my practice in choice theory, helping people remember that they have choices and options in their life. By taking care of ourselves first, we can be available for anything that comes our way. Life can be challenging, and with a little shift, we can turn challenges into opportunities.

I received my masters degree in Holistic Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Salve Regina University where I also earned a CAGS in Expressive and Creative Arts. I am pre-licensed and working towards licensure. As a lifelong musician, performer and music teacher, I have found great catharsis through expression and welcome the privilege of guiding others through processes that illuminate blocks in their life.
I have also worked as a rebirthing breathworker for almost ten years. Breathwork allows us to work with unseen trauma hidden in our body and learn to embrace the trauma as part of who we are. I believe each of has everything we need inside of us to be whole and I am here to help you love yourself once again, embrace your innocence, and live the life you want. So often we are told we need to be fixed, that we are broken. The reality is, we are who we are, and we don’t need to be fixed. We need to be loved, by ourselves and those around us. We can then love more freely and completely.
I specialize in working with people who are ready to do the work to live the life they want. There may be pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, depression or grief that is burdening you. I can help you meet these qualities safely, with curiosity, and eventually with love. I welcome all ages, genders, ethnicities, and abilities. While I am not an expert in all fields, I am experienced in life. I teach music to children aged 5 to adults in their 80’s and I can flow between them and their caregivers, strengthening the work being done by creating open lines of communication. Establishing core connection allows us to widen our support and continue creating the world in which we want to live. Thank you for your consideration. I hope to meet you soon.
therapists in providence ri
I received my Masters in Social Work from Walden University. I have 14 years experience of working with diverse children and families with behavioral, educational, social emotional, and other various challenges making it difficult to complete daily function expectations and relationships. I use humor and fun to support children, adolescents, and young adults to maximize their confidence in engagement and journey. I am strong in enhancing social emotional skills, behavioral management/emotion regulation, and strengthening self confidence providing support and functioning skills. I choose Evidence-Based Interventions based on clients development, interests, strengths, and needs. I mostly use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Play Therapy, and Art Therapy, but am experienced in more interventions to be flexible and driven to modify practice as it seems fit to the individual.
       My goals on client’s emotional journeys, are to teach skills and techniques to enhance their own abilities and confidence, to complete everyday tasks and needs, as well as improve, learn, and apply social emotional skills for self-care and relationships. We will have fun, laugh, and learn together as we identify and reach your goals working through but not limited to: depression, anxiety, defiant behaviors, relationship challenges, trauma, and eating disorders. I have the most experience with children, adolescents, and young adults. I am ready and excited to be on a team with you, as you are your own expert, to work together to reach your goals.



East Coast Mental Wellness values the education of others and accepts master-level interns in our offices to further their knowledge and training. We provide the opportunity for students to gain clinical and administrative experience in the mental health field. Our interns are supervised by experienced clinicians in our agency.


Gianna, she/her pronouns, is an intern who is studying Holistic Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Salve Regina University. She received her undergraduate degree from Providence College while double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She has several years of experience working at Butler Hospital as an inpatient Activities Therapist and Mental Health Worker. Gianna has experience working with a wide variety of individuals, issues, and diagnoses. Her specialty is with adult populations who have experienced or are experiencing a wide array of issues depression, anxiety, trauma, and others.

She believes in working with all parts of a person opposed to just the presenting issue. Creating a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment to establish a strong positive therapeutic relationship and help the client heal is a key part of her therapeutic approach.


Working with the mind, body, soul, spirit, and environment are important components of her counseling style.  Gianna uses a wide variety of therapeutic modalities to meet each individual client needs including Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Person Centered therapy.

Alexandra is currently in her last year working towards earning a master’s degree at Salve Regina University for Holistic Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Alexandra earned her B.S. in Developmental Psychology from Plymouth State University.  She has 25 years of dance experience and has been teaching for 4 years.  She has had experience working as a behavior technician with children and adolescents and as an assistant teacher at a Montessori school.  Alexandra believes in meeting the client where they are and emphasizes that the client is the expert of their life.  She utilizes a holistic, person centered approach with clients, while bringing awareness to body-mind connection and somatic experiences.  Alexandra strives to create a safe, judgment free space for clients to share and heal from their experiences.  She is here to support clients on their journey to making decisions that best fit their needs at that time and seeks to help clients take back their power

Georgia DiMatteo, (she/her), is an intern who is currently working towards earning her master’s degree in Social Work through Boston University. She previously received her Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages (French, Italian and Arabic) at the University of Delaware. Georgia has four years of experience working with survivors of complex trauma. Her specialty is working with adults, adolescents and children who have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, and/or domestic violence. She has also worked with individuals experiencing depression and anxiety. Georgia’s approach is client-focused, non-judgmental, strength-based, and supportive. She strives to create a safe and welcoming environment for each client to begin or continue their healing process.

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